On Monday 17th February, local residents spent their day volunteering at the Topping Fold clean-up day organised by the Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) to help the community become a cleaner place for everyone.

The event was funded by Topping Fold TRA, Six Town Housing and Local Councillors with an aim to decrease the issues with fly tipping as well as bringing local people within the community together. Around 10 adults and 30 children volunteered on the day. These included those from the TRA, Neighbourhood Caretakers and local tenants.

The clean-up consisted of a public skip for all tenants to use who may be struggling to remove unwanted rubbish as well as the children helping with litter picking around the area. The TRA hope to run days like this a few times a year to keep their area clean and pleasant for everyone.

Jenny Heywood, Chair of Topping Fold TRA, said, “The day was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It’s nice to see that community activities, such as this one, can bring people together. The children from Beasties enjoyed dinner and a game of bingo after all their hard work on the day.”

Jane Straccia, Six Town Housing Neighbourhood Adviser, said, “I work closely with Topping Fold TRA and have done since they starting running the Community Centre just over 18 months ago. The clean-up was arranged to get the local community involved in tidying up the area that they live in, but also to encourage them to use the Community Centre facilities for drop-ins and groups."

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