A malicious break-in at the Community Centre in Chesham Fold, Bury, has impacted people living in the area who rely on the various services it offers.

Thugs entered the property early on Tuesday morning by breaking a window, stealing items and causing extensive damage.

Items taken included a red laptop, a CCTV hard drive, server and a box that included keys to various rooms in the building meaning that all the locks have needed to be changed.

The burglars caused unnecessary damage, slicing through phone and internet wires, smashing a monitor, kicking down locked doors and breaking a brand new computer printer, which was found destroyed on the roof of the building.

Cath Rowley is the Chair of Chesham Fold Tenant and Resident Association, a group of volunteers who manage the building.

She said, “Our centre relies on us applying for funding and the time and costs it will take to fix the damage caused is a real set-back. However, the real disappointment is the disruption this has caused to the community.

“We have parents visiting us daily to print off free school meal vouchers for their children, people coming in to work on CVs or Universal Credit applications who can’t afford the internet or a computer at home, new parents struggling with finances accessing our baby bank for items and much more. All of this has been put on hold at a time when it’s most important. It’s one thing to steal items, it’s another to destroy a centre that’s main purpose is to help people.”

Like other local Tenant and Resident Associations, the group is embedded within the heart of communities managed by Six Town Housing on behalf of Bury Council.

Local residents who have any information about the break-in are urged to contact Greater Manchester police, who are investigating the matter.

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