Cath Rowley, Chair of Chesham Fold TRA, stocking up the foodbank

Chesham Fold Tenant and Resident Association (TRA) in Bury continues to run multiple services from its community centre to benefit local people during the pandemic.

The TRA have been running a foodbank for over three years. During lockdown, its volunteers helped deliver around 20 food parcels a week to those across the estate who were self-isolating and shielding.

In September 2019, the TRA set up a baby bank designed to help struggling mothers by providing anything from nappies and baby shampoo to prams and clothes. They work closely with social workers, midwives and the police who get in touch when they know there’s someone needing help. The baby bank supports teenagers, asylum seekers, mothers fleeing domestic abuse and more and has done through the lockdown.

The TRA opened a community café in October 2019 which works closely with the FareShare scheme, which provides surplus foods to charities and community projects. The volunteers run a weekly lunchtime session every Friday to provide a free meal to anyone who wants to attend.

The TRA pride themselves on not judging anyone, they believe that no one should go hungry, whatever their situation.

Cath Rowley, who volunteers for the TRA, said, “Since the start of the lockdown, we’ve been running our food bank and baby bank for those struggling and delivering food parcels to those who are shielding or self-isolating. We’ve had lot of help from local people who’ve been helping transport food parcels to those living far away from the community centre.”

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