Pupils from Radcliffe Primary school worked alongside local community group Corrie Gardeners last month to create a community garden display celebrating Radcliffe Borough Football Club’s 70th birthday.

The group worked alongside four children from the school, who painted faces and the team’s football kits on pots so that they resembled players when assembled. The children also planted white lobelia in the top of the pots, which will look like hair when it grows.

The plant pot men are now on display on Coronation Road for the local community to enjoy.

Corrie Gardeners were approached to work on the project by Michael Hope from the Primary Hub - part of Bury Council's Virtual School - who helps to organise community projects for local primary school children.

Michael said, “It was a pleasure to work alongside Corrie Gardeners to create such a positive experience for the children. The praise and attention they received from local community members while working on the project was great for their self-esteem. This is a wonderful example of how a school can forge links with local groups, for the benefit of the wider community.

Tina Harrison from Corrie Gardeners said, “The children really enjoyed the experience, and so did we. They have done a fantastic job, which will make everyone in the community smile while celebrating the history of our local team.”

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