In March, ‘The Friendly Bench’ was officially completed in Coronation Gardens. The Friendly Bench is a social hub where free, community-led activities and events are held to help tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Planning for The Friendly Bench started around 2 years ago when funding was accessed via the National Lottery and their Friendly Bench network. The base for the bench was funded by the Ambition for Ageing project and Six Town Housing, who manage housing on behalf of Bury Council. Bury Council’s Pitch also contributed to other elements of the project.

Corrie Gardeners, a community group based within the neighbourhood who run activities to support local people including a local foodbank and a gardening initiative, led on this project.

Tina Harrison, a volunteer at Corrie Gardeners, said, “Due to COVID-19, The Friendly Bench installation came to a standstill. We are now delighted to have this asset in our community. As lock down lifts we hope to hold many events here.”

On March 17th, the certificate was officially handed over to mark the completion of the bench. Corrie Gardeners plan on running many events here to help bring people together once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. Keep an eye out for upcoming events at the Friendly Bench here.

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