Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Six Town Housing have applied for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) to prevent a resident from further intimidating those in his local community.

The individual regularly caused anxiety to several local residents by directing abusive language at them and other methods of intimidation. He was also found guilty of theft from a dwelling in the local area.

GMP and Six Town Housing, who manage housing stock on behalf of Bury Council, received complaints from several local residents. This led to Six Town Housing going through their tenancy warning procedure with the tenant, where he was advised that he could be evicted if he did not cease his anti-social behaviour.

However, despite the warnings, he continued to direct abuse at people in his local community.

To help protect local residents, GMP successfully applied for the CBO, which replaces the well known Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO), with the support of Six Town Housing’s ASB Team and evidence of complaints made.

The CBO lasts for 3 years and bans the tenant from entering certain areas of his community.

The police have also been granted a Community Order, which means that the tenant has an electronic monitoring device that alerts police if he is not at home between 7pm and 7am daily. He must also attend regular rehabilitation appointments.

The tenant would risk facing further criminal charges if conditions of the CBO or CO are breached. A breach of the CBO would lead to Six Town Housing applying to the court for Absolute Grounds For Possession of the property, which would mean that the tenant would be required to find alternate accommodation.

PC Phillip Flanagan, from GMP's Bury Borough, said, "This CBO proves to residents that we take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and we will act on them. I hope this CBO allows the community to enjoy the peace and quiet they deserve whilst also serving as warning to others who think they can behave in an anti-social manner and get away with it."

A spokesperson from Six Town Housing said, “We do all we can to protect our tenants and other community members from abuse and hope that through the CBO, the individual will realise that their offensive behaviour towards others cannot continue.”

If you are suffering from Anti-Social Behaviour, please let us know.

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