A group made up of independent tenants and leaseholders are currently working with Six Town Housing to review how they record and manage reports about condensation and damp in homes.

The Customer Review Group (CRG), made up of 10 volunteers from across the borough, is looking at how inspections are carried out to diagnose damp or condensation, how Six Town Housing tackles damp and how families are supported to tackle condensation, including adding better ventilation in homes. The review will explore the differences between damp and condensation, to ensure tenants and staff have a good understanding of these and the causes and remedies for each.

Helena Donegan, tenant and CRG Chair, said, “I am involved in the group because I want to ensure that services continue to be delivered with tenants in mind and are the best they can be. I’ve seen first-hand the positive changes that have made due to our past input and learnt a lot about how services are delivered by Six Town Housing too.”

Carran O’Grady, Customer Involvement Lead at Six Town Housing, said, “We have worked closely with CRG volunteers on several successful spotlight reviews in the past. The group help us to us identify where we do things right and where improvements could be made; they have even won awards for reviewing how we communicate with customers and how we undertake our gas services. We are looking forward to hearing their thoughts on damp and condensation reports, and will use their feedback to make any necessary changes to the way we do things.”

If you have reported damp or condensation to Six Town Housing recently and you want to share your experience with us we’d love to hear from you.  Email  Getinvolved@sixtownhousing.org with your name and address and we’ll get back to you.

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