In December, Helena Donegan was re-elected Chair of the Customer Review Group (CRG).  The Customer Review Group is a group of tenants who meet with managers to look issues around Customer Services for tenants. 

Last year, they made some recommendations around the standard of empty properties before people move into homes. The group is waiting for these recommendations to come back to they before they’re shared.

They were proud to co-produce a Cost of Living help guide which can also be found in leaflet format for those tenants who do not have access to the internet. Since its launch in December, a Tenant’s Top Tips section has been added as part of a competition.

Lots of people replied to the Business Plan Survey and it was interesting to see how many tenants feel strongly about living in safe and warm homes that are energy efficient. They plan to carry out a major customer review of damp and condensation reports made to Six Town Housing. The group will talk and listen to tenant’s views and front-line workers in order to get a picture of how damp and condensation reports are made to Six Town Housing, how the process works, how long it all takes and how tenants are involved.

Helena Donegan, Chair of the CRG, said, “My pledge to you is that we will listen to your lived experience.  If some things work well, we will report it. If others do not, we will try to find a solution to improve it and to make recommendations.”

If you have any questions, want to get involved or want to contact Helena, please email for the attention of Helena Donegan, Chair of the Customer Review Group.

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