July was the last meeting for the Customer Review Group before their summer break.

They found out more about the Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling Code as, by October, social housing landlords will have to publish how they manage complaints and report learnings. Six Town Housing are currently completing their Complaints Code self-assessment and will share it with the group once completed.

The latest Tenant Engagement Strategy action plan was shared to highlight achievements so far on the 2021-24 plan. A lot of effort is going in to try and reach tenants who are not online to support them with training in the community. During August, some sessions will be held in sheltered housing.

They were pleased to hear that a new automated texting system is rolling out to help prevent missed repairs appointments. Every missed appointment attended, if not reported, costs £25. They have asked that missed appointment numbers are reported to them.

The group are nearing the end of the empty property review they have been doing. They’ve completed the visits to properties that are empty and having repairs done so they’re ready for let. They have reviewed Six Town Housing’s Home Standard as well as comparing it to other landlord’s standards. They also surveyed new tenants who moved in to their homes this year and based on all this insight and feedback, they’re working on a list of recommendations.

They are still looking for new members to join the Customer Review Group. Please email getinvolved@sixtownhousing.org for more information.

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