A few weeks ago, Top o’th Fields and Welcomb Walk Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) organised a trip to Blackpool for 22 of their members.

The TRA held a series of fundraising events and with the help of donations from two local councillors they could pay for the cost of coach travel.

While in Blackpool, the group visited Tiffany’s Hotel for a four course lunch followed by a cabaret and dancing. One of the members, Janet won first prize in the raffle that was held.

Steve Buchanan, Chair of the TRA, said, “The trip was planned by the new TRA committee which saw that the members were in the majority without transport but nevertheless needed to get away and have a change of air. The committee had very little experience in raising funds and planning trips and this was a trial to see the viability of future excursions. A trial which proved successful and future excursions to York and Chester are now in the pipeline.”

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