For Fraud Awareness Week, we’re encouraging local people to make themselves aware of the different types of fraud, what Bury Council does to tackle this, and what to do if you’d like to report suspected fraud.

What is fraud?

Fraud is an act of intentional deception undertaken for personal gain, or to cause a loss to another party. Fraud costs Councils and other public organisations such as the NHS, Fire Service, and Police billions of pounds every year.

What is tenancy fraud?

Tenancy Fraud is when people give false information to get social housing or move out to illegally sublet their social housing instead of letting it go to other people in need. It is estimated to be the 2nd largest fraud loss to the public purse in England with a cost of over £1.8 Billion per year.

How do Bury Council tackle fraud?

Bury’s dedicated counter-fraud team work to protect the public purse and detect, disrupt, and investigate those intent on committing fraud.

Types of fraud the Council investigates include:

  • Tenancy Fraud
  • Council Tax fraud
  • Business Rates fraud
  • Blue Badge fraud
  • Social Care fraud
  • Council employee and contractor corruption
  • Insurance fraud (claims against the Council)
  • Schools and Education fraud
  • Grant fraud
  • Procurement fraud
  • Employee Fraud (e.g. additional payment claims)

The Council takes reports of fraud very seriously and monitors closely for any sign of potential fraud. Everybody has a part to play in helping to prevent fraud by making themselves aware of the different kinds of fraud, remaining vigilant and reporting suspected fraudulent activity.

How to report suspected Fraud ?

To find out more about fraud, and report suspected fraud online, visit the Counter Fraud Services webpage of the Council’s website.
Alternatively, referrals can be made by calling the fraud hotline on 0161 253 7437 or 0161 253 6446 or by emailing or

Any contact details provided will be held safely and treated in strict confidence. Whilst it is better if you leave your details, so we can gather more information to assist with enquiries, you can ask to remain anonymous.

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