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How Tenant's and Resident's Associations Support Your Community

In May, Top O'th Fields and Welcomb Walk TRA had their Annual General Meeting where they discussed the work they’ve done and the work they plan to do in the future.

Over the past year, thanks to fundraising and funding they’ve received, they have been able to provide a lot for the residents of Top O’Th Fields and Welcomb Walk, including:

  • Wi-Fi Hub and 3-year subscription cover to provide free internet for residents.
  • A party to celebrate a resident’s 100th birthday.
  • New fencing for the front garden.
  • Christmas parties.
  • A party for the King’s Coronation.
  • Free Residents First Aid course.
  • Free Residents IT course.

And so much more!

Jacqueline, Chair of Top O'th Fields and Welcomb Walk TRA, said, “We try our best to provide and promote creativity, social engagement, to connect with others, and to gain new friends to alleviate loneliness and to increase residents’ health and wellbeing. It is just a little peace of mind that we could do something and give back a little bit of fun to the residents living here and the community around us.”

Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) are made up of people who volunteer their time to make positive changes in their area. Being part of a TRA gives you the chance to:

  • Share ideas and influence decisions about services and improvements to homes or the environment
  • Attend and help organise social events and, which can be a great way to get to know your neighbours and improve the vibrancy of where you live
  • Bid for funding to make improvements to your community
  • Gain fantastic work experience and a sense of satisfaction through volunteering

If you’re passionate about where you live and are interested in joining your local TRA or starting one in your area, email

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