Life at Peachment Place Extra Care Scheme

Peachment Place is an Extra Care Scheme that opened in 2019. It provides a range of social and health care support, including spa rooms, communal lounges, 24/7 care support, a bistro and a hair and beauty salon.

Beryl Patchett is a Peachment Place tenant who moved into her flat with her husband Bob in May 2019. We caught up with her see how she is finding life at Peachment Place.

What do you think of living here?

“We love living here. We thought we’d move to somewhere where we could do what we wanted but we had company without going out.  

What activities do you enjoy doing here?

“We go to afternoon tea and we go to the film show. We don’t go to things at night because the carers come in. But through the day, when we can, we’ll go to most of them.”

Gabrielle Dean, Peachment Place Manager, also said, “The TRA here, they really try their best to put as much on for the neighbours and the tenants within Peachment. They’ll try and spread it across the week, in the day and at night. It’s just to get neighbours together and socialising. Certainly, coming out of lockdown, people had 2 years isolating and it was just to get everyone back together.”

What’s it like having Persona Care and Support staff on site 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies?

“That’s handy because we did have another company coming in but they finished at 10pm. So, we’ve got Persona now and they can help because they’re here 24 hours a day.”

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