Freda pictured with a copy of her published novel, Sigh With The Tide.

The interesting lifestory of a tenant from Radcliffe appears in a new book about social housing.

The biography of Freda appears as a chapter in The Other Side of The Fence: Real Social Housing Tenants by Yasmin Banks. The book is a compilation of essays, poetry and observations from social housing tenants around the UK.

Freda was approached for her story following a request made to Six Town Housing by Yasmin for a possible contribution to the book. Freda is known to colleagues at Six Town Housing due to her work on their Customer Review Group and from acting as Treasurer at Abbey Close Tenant and Resident Association.

The chapter covers Freda's life, from being a typist at the Ministry of Pensions, through to being a local councillor, hairdresser and a published author of fiction in her 80s.

You can find The Other Side of The Fence on Amazon here.

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