A Bury man has received a 22 week jail sentence and restraining order after threatening a staff member from Six Town Housing and assaulting two Police officers who were investigating the threats.

The threats began when Six Town Housing started their property upgrade works on Warwick Street and Sherbourne Court in Prestwich. They realised that Andrew Chadfield, aged 34, had been staying without permission with a tenant in a property they manage on behalf of Bury Council. Chadfield had been aggressive and violent towards contractors, staff and tenants in the area.

An aggressive call was made by Chadfield to a member of Six Town Housing’s staff. When police investigating the matter visited Chadfield at a property in Bury he had relocated to, they were assaulted.

A spokesperson for Six Town Housing said, “A phone call was made to a member of staff by Mr Chadfield threatening violence. We will not tolerate our staff being threatened or intimidated in any way, so worked with Greater Manchester Police to provide additional evidence required for the conviction and restraining order.”

Mr Chadfield appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court on 12th October 2018. He is currently serving his jail sentence and is not allowed to contact the member of staff or set foot on Warwick Street or Sherbourne Court for two years as a result of the restraining order. Breaking the restraining order could lead to him facing further penalties.

Any sightings of him in the area should be reported without delay to GMP as this will be a breach of the court order and is in the interest of public safety.

Sergeant Derek Quinn from Greater Manchester Police’s Bury borough, said, “On Saturday the 8th of September 2018, police attended an address on Hillyard Street in Bury following reports of malicious calls having been made.

“Three police officers attended and while there two officers were assaulted by Chadfield.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated. Police officers, like everyone else, have a job to do, and they shouldn’t have to face this level of violence when they are trying to keep everyone safe and deal with all manner of incidents.

“I would like to thank our partners at Six Town Housing for their support during this investigation.

“Thankfully, Chadfield can no longer be a menace to the community.”

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