Menopause Awareness – Blog by Jane, Menopause Support Coach

Hello, I’m Jane Straccia, Tenant Engagement Advisor at Six Town Housing. The menopause journey is something that I have been personally going through for several years. Whilst in lockdown, I set up a video call group within Six Town Housing called ‘Ladies Do Lunch’ where we were able to share and talk freely about our experiences and give advice and support. 

Since then, I’ve pursued extra training to become our in-house qualified Menopause Support Coach. This is something that’s allowed me to link in with our communities throughout the borough to spread the word to our tenants and others from Bury Council.

I recently arranged for the lovely Dr Zoe Hodson, Menopause Specialist, to attend a Q&A at The Mosses Centre where we were able to invite the wider community, with over 50 women attending.

I then attended another session arranged by Shelley Caulfield from the Live Well Team to do a talk with ladies in Radcliffe about the impact it has on their physical and mental well-being. 35 women joined altogether, with a large number coming from Women of Worth. The feedback was well received with a positive push to set up a working group run by myself and other members of Public Health.

Last month, I also did an interview with HealthWatch Bury about the menopause, which you can watch here.

If you’d like to find out more about future menopause sessions or would like to see a session run in your area, email us at

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