Six Town Housing have started to make changes to the way they work, which will lead to more staff based on the doorstep of tenants and communities to provide them with a more efficient, tailored service.

Individual staff from Six Town Housing are currently receiving training so that they can respond to enquiries about a wide variety of services, including ASB, rent and property lettings. These staff will be based in Neighbourhoods across the borough, getting to know their area and the people living there well. This will enable them to work alongside other colleagues, who are also based locally, including the fully mobile Neighbourhoods Direct Team, who are already based within neighbourhoods providing community maintenance.

Overall, this new way of working will help maximise local understanding and reduce the number of visits tenants will need to make to Six Town Housing’s offices, providing them with a quicker, responsive service to support that addresses their needs and those of their community. The new working model is currently being phased in, and is expected to be fully implemented across the borough by September 2017.

Six Town Housing's repairs service Repairs Direct will remain fully mobile within communities, with new technology helping create efficiencies. The software, installed on their tablet devices, automatically alerts them to the next nearest task immediately after they have completed one.

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