Last month, Top o’th Fields and Welcomb Walk Tenants and Residents Association elected a new committee made up of 13 members. The new committee members consist of Steve Buchanan, Alan Thompson, Irene Riscatti, Eddie Magee, and Irvine Ferris. Find out what the new members have been up to and what they have planned for the future below.

Steve Buchanan, Chair

“The pandemic and lockdown caused tremendous problems for the residents at Top o’th Fields and Welcolm Walk. The old committee was not able to do what they had initially set out to achieve because of it. There is now a new age profile in the association and younger members with new ideas and fresh energy wanting to re-energise the association. I thought I could bring my experience to bare and try to co-ordinate people to improve the social environment of the residents.”

Julie Clarence, Committee member

“One of the best things about this is seeing some residents with difficulty walking making the quarter of a mile journey on foot accompanied by a younger able-bodied resident. That sums it all up, people helping each other and having a good laugh doing it.”

Mike Bradley, Committee member

“We have organised several pool evenings playing against other schemes in the past and what I would like to see is for us to raise enough funds to buy a pool table for ourselves. Not only would this keep us out of mischief, but we could organise a tournament against other schemes who also have a table.”

Eddie Magee, Secretary

“Communication within the whole scheme was paramount and that it was my aim to ensure that everyone is made aware of what is going on and that they have a voice in the direction that things are going. People will be made aware of when every committee meeting will be taking place and in a nod to new technology, the meetings will be available remotely via Teams. This means that any problems we may have can be answered almost immediately by Six Town Housing staff.”

The TRA’s social committee is made up of Rita Hume, Sharon Mitchell and Angela Wouds, and they are putting together a social calendar for the summer and winter, which includes trips to places like Blackpool and Chester. Top o’th Fields was built exactly 50 years ago and the group would like to celebrate this in some way or fashion.

The TRA has already been very busy up to now with running a coffee morning most days and organising a new lunch club where members will go to a local pub and enjoy a meal in with some great company.

If you’re interested in joining the TRA or would like to put an idea forward, you can go to one of the regular committee meetings or pop a note in the newly installed suggestion box in the communal lounge. If you’d like more information, message Eddie Magee at 07454 563463.

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