New kitchens and bathrooms are to be installed in homes in several Radcliffe neighbourhoods, following a successful, safe return of the capital works programme.

Six Town Housing recently piloted the return in the neighbourhoods of Outwood and Chesham Fold. This followed the easing of lockdown restrictions, which enabled Repairs Direct staff to return to carrying out work in homes whilst following new safety measures to keep staff and tenants safe. Feedback was encouraged throughout the pilot to ensure the work was being carried out in a way that ensured everyone felt safe and at ease.

Work is now commencing within the neighbourhoods of Bolton Road and Turks Road in Radcliffe on 144 homes and within the Huntley Fold neighbourhood on 72 homes.

Rick Doyle, New Works and Sites Manager for Repairs Direct, said, “The pilot was very positive, with staff and tenants working together to follow the safety measures that have been set out. These include keeping a safe distance away from each other at all times and staff being clear about where they need to work so that tenants can arrange to be elsewhere in their home while they do.

“Staff have also been cleaning areas where they have worked to provide additional assurance to tenants.”

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