Did you know that our Contact Centre deals with 80,000 contacts a year? We want to know how easy it is to contact us and how quickly we deal with your requests.

Last year you told us that you want more 24/7 and self-serve services. This feedback led to the launch of our Six Town Housing Customer App. Have you started using it yet?

Let us know your views about our online services!

We are continuously looking at ways to improve the way we work and improve our customer services.

Our Chair of the Customer Review Group, Helena Donegan, said;

“I find it quite easy to contact Six Town Housing. I don’t like being stuck in a phone queue so I normally go online. This is your chance to tell us if there are any issues contacting us or great ideas going forward and we can explore them more.”

We want to hear what you think! You are invited to take part in a short survey about our online services.

You can find the survey here

Everyone who completes the survey and leaves their details will enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 online shopping voucher. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 27 May 2022.

Please note that if you have any difficulties completing the survey, simply call us on 0161 686 8000 and we will complete the survey over the phone.

All feedback from the survey will be given to managers and analysed. We will report back any new plans and ideas back to you.

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