A legal notice has been issued to a Six Town Housing tenant following nusiance bonfires.

A resident in Bury East has been issued with a legal notice after complaints were received about smoke and odours caused by regular garden bonfires.

The resident received an initial warning from Bury Council’s Environmental Health team, but ignored this. Environmental Health worked with Six Town Housing’s Repairs Direct service, who attended a call out from a neighbour regarding an active bonfire one evening.

A Section 80 notice was served as a result of the warning being ignored. Any breach of this notice is likely to lead to tenancy warnings beings issued and/or prosecution or formal caution. To date no further complaints have been received.

A spokesperson for Six Town Housing said, “The smoke caused by regular garden fires was causing distress to neighbours, which led to the involvement of Environmental Health. The resident was asked to stop, but unfortunately it continued. As a last resort, the notice was necessary for the relief of those living nearby.”

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