Red Bank Extra Care scheme in Radcliffe received £200 funding from Forever Manchester to pay for 2 Christmas events that connected residents living within the scheme and the wider community.

Around 30 people attended each event, which included a pie and peas get-together and a Christmas coffee and cake catch-up. Food and catering was provided by Cuppacino, the scheme’s onsite bistro.

Tina Horn, a tenant of Red Bank who bid for the funding with support from Six Town Housing, said, “The events were run to connect people in the area with an aim to reduce isolation during the festive period. They were a huge success and a lot of fun, with tenants from Lowe Street and Hampson Fold mixing with tenants from within Red Bank. I expect a few new friendships have been forged in the community as a result.”

The funding amount obtained was £200. This was paid directly to Redbank’s onsite bistro “Cuppacino”, who catered for both events.

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