Thank you to all tenants who gave their feedback on the draft business plan that we shared earlier in the year, which recieved a good response. All of the information provided has been used to help shape the final version of the plan, which has now been approved by our Board and Bury Council.

Our key areas of focus over the coming three years will include:

  • Improving the ways in which customers can access services, particularly online services.
  • Ensuring we provide housing support to customers who are struggling to manage their tenancy.
  • Ensuring the homes we manage and own meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard and are safe.
  • Ensuring we adjust the way we provide services to ensure they meet individual customers’ needs, whenever we can.
  • Supporting customers to get involved in their community, learn new skills and help them get a job.
  • Providing information to customers who are struggling financially and need help accessing advice.
  • Sharing information about how well we are performing.
  • Ensuring customers can shape the way services are provided.

You can read the full business plan here.

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