Six Town Housing has recently welcomed 5 new members onto their board, including 3 councillors, one tenant representative and an independent member.

As an organisation that manages nearly 8,000 properties on behalf of Bury Council, Six Town Housing’s board is always a mix of tenants, councillors and independents to ensure that appropriate challenges are handled, tenants’ needs are heard and risks are minimised.

The 3 councillors joining the board include Cllr Lucy Smith, Cllr Kevin Peel and Cllr Nicholas Jones. They will be replacing the old members who were Cllr Susan Southworth, Cllr Rhyse Cathcart, Cllr Jackie Harris and Cllr Steve Wright.

The new tenant board member, Tina Harrison, already does a lot to support people living within her community and was awarded an MBE for her services in the recent honours list. Tina is one of the founders of Corrie Gardeners, a group of volunteers who run environmental initiatives and social activities within Coronation Gardens, Radcliffe. She is also a key volunteer for the Trinity Foodbank, which delivers over 100 food packs locally a week. She already sits on Six Town Housing’s tenant-led Customer Review Group, who check and recommend service changes, with the group itself nominating her for this new position.

Eric Tamanis is the new independent member, which means he is neither a tenant or councillor. He has over 30 years of housing experience and says he is looking forward to, “being a part of my home town housing organisation and using my local knowledge and experience to further the successes of Six Town Housing.”

The new members will be joining the existing board members, which includes Hugh Broadbent (Chair), Anthony Noblet (Chair of HR & Appeals), Clare King (Chair of ASRP Committee), Chloe King (independent) and David Howell (tenant).

Tina Harrison said, “Through my other volunteering, I speak to a whole range of tenants regularly, including some of the most vulnerable people living within our communities, and it is great that I’ll have an opportunity to provide a voice on their behalf as a tenant board member.”

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