The Chair of Six Town Housing, who manage housing stock on behalf of Bury Council, has welcomed comments from the Prime Minister calling for a change in attitudes towards social housing but believes more needs to be done to stop negative stereotyping of tenants.

In a speech at National Housing Federation summit, PM Teresa May pledged £2bn to housing associations to build around 40,000 new affordable homes around the UK and acknowledged that many politicians currently look down on social housing and the people that live within it. In identifying the need for the investment, she commented “many people in society - including too many politicians - continue to look down on social housing and, by extension, the people who call it their home.”

Hugh Broadbent, Chair of Six Town Housing and a key driver of #WeBenefitBury, a local campaign which aims to put a stop to negative social housing stereotyping, said, “A renewed commitment to social housing is much needed and very welcome. Investing in new social housing will certainly have a positive effect within communities and help many more people into secure homes. Not everyone can or wants to buy their home so having more social rented homes is very beneficial to all communities. I’d ask Mrs May not to lose sight of the negative perceptions she mentions that some hold within the Government and ensuring these are stamped out.”

“Social housing tenants supporting #WeBenefitBury have also commented that the wider media is often one-sided in its portrayals. We hope tenants continue to speak up and generate more exposure about the positive things they do. Getting a more balanced picture of the value of social housing and the normality of the people who live in it within the media would be a significant achievement.”

#WeBenefitBury was launched last month, consisting of a poster and social media campaign encouraging tenants to speak up against the negative stereotypes. Find out more at www.sixtownhousing.org/WeBenefitBury

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