Environmental Health Officers have seized speakers from a house in Prestwich following noise complaints

Environmental health officers seized speakers from an address in Prestwich following ongoing complaints from a resident about loud music.

Staff from Bury Council and Six Town Housing took action against the 32-year-old man for causing a statutory nuisance.

He was served with a noise abatement notice on 23 August 2017, but despite several warnings continued to play loud music. A warrant was obtained on 21 September 2017 from Greater Manchester Magistrates’ court and eight speakers were removed from his home with the help of the police. The equipment is being held and, after 28 days, the perpetrator will be required to pay costs and apply for the equipment back.

A council spokesman said: “People have a right to enjoy the comfort of their home without being disturbed by inconsiderate neighbours. Those who cause noise nuisance should know that legal action may be taken against them and their possessions seized.”


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