Tenants and staff join Bury North MP James Frith.

Tenants and Six Town Housing staff joined Bury North MP James Frith at a Parliamentary tea event on 2nd July 2019 celebrating the 100 year anniversary of council housing.

MPs from across parties spoke at the event to mark the occasion, addressing a room of council tenants and housing staff from across the UK.

The event was arranged by the National Federation of ALMOS, a group that represents “Arms-Length Management Organisations” like Six Town Housing, who manage properties on behalf of local councils.

A number of MPs presented at the event.

One of the attendees from the borough of Bury was Kelly Dickinson, a tenant from Radcliffe who gained employment with Six Town Housing after accessing support through their Steps To Success employment programme. She said, “Being a council tenant has supported me in a number of ways over the years so it was great to see it receiving such recognition on its centenary.”

Six Town Housing will be showcasing some of Bury’s housing history and memories submitted by tenants at their upcoming Summer Roadshow. Find out more here.


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