Tenants knit winter hats for children across Bury Council

Over the last month, we’ve been working with local primary schools, community groups and tenant knitting groups as part of an intergenerational project to help provide winter hats for children across Bury.

The combined effort of all our knitters has resulted in 90 hats being made thanks to 3 knitting groups as well as individual knitters.

Heaton Park Primary School have been involved and the children have been busy making bobbles to go on the hats. After the hats are knitted, they’re dropped off at the school along with some wool. The children can choose a hat, make a bobble to go on it and then they get to keep the hat.

Some of the knitted hats have also been taken to Trust House at Victoria community centre where there is a Charity shop. The shop sells winter coats for 50p and if someone buys a coat for their child, they are offered one of our hats for free.

The project was developed to help address issues such as rises in energy costs and the loss of the £20 per week uplift on Universal Credit that many families are facing this winter. A hat may be a small thing, but it helps keep the child warm and it is one less thing for the parents to buy.

Lynne Sandiford, Community Development Worker said, “The project has been a real success and I have been really impressed by the number of hats produced and overwhelmed by positive comments from the volunteer knitters. The volunteers involved said they were very happy to be doing something for local children.”

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