A group made up of 10 independent tenants and leaseholders are continuing to work with Six Town Housing to review how they record and manage reports about condensation or damp in homes.

The Customer Review Group (CRG) are investigating how inspections are carried out to diagnose and tackle issues, along with how tenants can identify the causes and remedies of both damp and condensation.

The group have already completed a detailed study of how damp and condensation reports are dealt with. This has included job shadowing inspections, gaining feedback from tenants reporting problems and looking at how issues were diagnosed and treated.

The CRG have reviewed other services in the past, including the way gas servicing is carried out and the content of letters that are issued by Six Town Housing to tenants.

Helena Donegan, who is Chair of the group, said, “This is the most interesting review I’ve been involved in to date. From listening to staff and customers, it’s important that we diagnose the right problem and get the right fix.

If it’s damp penetration that is causing the issue, it is important to be fixed by Six Town Housing so it doesn’t come back. If it is condensation, properties should be adequately ventilated and support should be provided to customers on how they can ventilate their home properly. We have presented Six Town Housing with our findings and a key recommendation is that every visit about damp should result in an inspection sheet clearly stating what is causing the problem and how it should be fixed or prevented.”

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