Six Town Housing are piloting the return of their capital works programme following an easing of lockdown restrictions.

Work will resume on installing new kitchens and bathrooms in homes within the neighbourhoods of Outwood and Chesham Fold, where ongoing work needed to be put on hold in March following the announcement of Government guidelines to help protect the public from COVID-19.

A number of new safety measures have been introduced by Repairs Direct to help protect tenants and staff while work is taking place in homes. The measures have been influenced by the results of a recent survey completed by tenants across the borough.

Tenants in the two neighbourhoods who are receiving work have been consulted directly so they know what is happening and are happy with staff carrying out the work in their homes. Further feedback is being encouraged throughout the pilot to ensure work is being carried out in a way that ensures everyone feels safe and at ease.

The result of the pilot and any further feedback received will be used to influence an anticipated return to delivering the capital programme elsewhere in the borough later in the year.

A spokesperson for Six Town Housing said, "We would like to say thank you to all the tenants working with us with during this pilot to ensure it is being carried out safely. We really appreciate the extra efforts being made to follow safety measures while work is being carried out in your homes. We would also like to say thank you to all staff on site, who are working in new, safer ways to install new kitchens and bathrooms for tenants during what are challenging times."

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