Volunteer Networking Event

Earlier this week, we invited a number of volunteers who help throughout the community to join us for a Volunteer Networking Event.

The event allowed the volunteers to network with other groups, find out what events, training, and funding we have available for the rest of the year, and have a bite to eat and catch up with the Tenant Engagement Team.

Altogether, 23 volunteers attended from Tenants and Residents Associations and community groups across the borough.

Naomi Exton, Tenant Engagement Advisor, said, “We organised the Volunteer Networking Event as we wanted to give groups the opportunity to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere to network, share good news stories and challenges they faced whilst finding out what support they can receive from both Six Town Housing and Bury VCFA who we are working in partnership with. We were able to introduce Cath Farrell, our Interim Chief Executive, and give a joint thank you for all their hard work and achievements. We hope to deliver more networking events in the future and welcome all our volunteers to attend!”

If you’re interested in volunteering at your local Tenants and Residents Association or community group, email getinvolved@sixtownhousing.org to find out how you can get involved.

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