It goes without saying that our community volunteers have played a key role in the pandemic response and beyond – and now it’s time to say thank you for the huge difference that all of the volunteers have made in our communities.

This week, to celebrate our volunteers, we will be sharing some stories from our community volunteers so keep an eye out on our socials.

Topping Fold TRA volunteering

We visited Topping Fold TRA, to ask the group of volunteers what volunteering means to them. Topping Fold is a community centre that makes a huge difference in the local community by helping and supporting people, including young people with the youth club and other activities.

Topping Fold’s Secretary Jennie and the Chair Jennifer, said;

“The best thing about volunteering is that you can help the people in your community, by giving them support and believing in them. We give a very warm welcome to anyone for a brew, biscuit and a buttie. 

What is also rewarding, is giving young people the confidence and the chance to take part in trips like camping, and other activities – normal things that children should do. We believe in them and don’t judge.

And what makes it all worth it? Seeing all the smiles – that’s worth more than anything. And making a difference, even its only for one person.”

Trinity Food Bank volunteering

We also paid a visit to the Trinity Food bank in Radcliffe. We asked a few of their community volunteers what volunteering means to them, and how do people give back to their community. 

Volunteers Gill Smith and Jennie Noon shared their views on how they help people who live in food poverty. 

See Gill and Jennie’s videos on our YouTube channel, via these links:

Tina Harrison, who is the Lead Volunteer at Trinity Food Bank, wanted to thank you all the volunteers who work at the centre. She also explains about the valuable and extensive work that the centre does. See her video on our YouTube channel here:

The food bank takes self-referrals and referrals from us and other organisations. The centre also offers energy advice, signposting to other services & low-level mental health service. 

Please find out more, and donate via their website.

Interested in volunteering?

Want to give back to your community? Contact our Steps To Success team by emailing or by phoning 0161 686 8000, and they will be able to help you to find opportunities in your local area.


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