Six Town Housing obtained a warrant in February 2018 through the Environmental Health team at Bury Council to enter and clean a tenant’s home in North Manor, following reports that it was being kept in an extremely poor condition.

Several attempts were made by Six Town Housing to contact the tenant to carry out a property inspection at the home, due to its condition being unsanitary and a risk to health. However, staff were denied access.

In 2017, Environmental Health had served a legal notice for unsanitary property conditions. When the property returned to being in a poor condition, the tenant was reminded of the notice and advised that further actions would be neccesary if entry was refused. After numerous attempts to work with the tenant, staff were again not granted access to inspect the property.

Since the property condition was harmful to health, Environmental Health applied for a warrant at Manchester Magistrates court to gain entry into the property, where subsequent clean up works were carried out. The tenant is being recharged for the cost of the clean-up.

A spokesperson for Six Town Housing said, “We attempted to work with the tenant to resolve the issues on a number of occasions and provided a lot of opportunities for them to allow access. Unfortunately, we were declined this and therefore needed to apply for the legal warrant as a last resort. We need to do this if a home is in a condition that presents a risk to the health of the tenant or local neighbours, or could lead to significant, costly damage to the property.”

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