We would like to introduce our new tenant board member Tina Harrison, who many will already know for her work supporting people living within her community. Tina is one of the founders of Corrie Gardeners, a group of volunteers who run environmental initiatives and social activities within the Coronation Gardens area of Radcliffe. She is also a key volunteer for the Trinity Foodbank, who have supported countless people in need during the pandemic.

Tina is a member of Six Town Housing’s tenant-led Customer Review Group, who investigate how different areas of the business are performing in order to make positive changes. The group nominated Tina to be a representative on the board, so she will have even more influence on Six Town Housing’s future direction going forward.

Tina told us how she feels about being appointed and what she hopes to achieve. She said, “Through my other volunteering I speak to a whole range of tenants regularly, including some of the most vulnerable people living within our communities, and it is great that I’ll have an opportunity to provide a voice on their behalf as a tenant board member.”

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