We have a long history of involving customers, listening to what they have to say and using the feedback we receive to improve the services we provide.

Over the last year, we have worked hard to improve the ways in which we engage with tenants and launched our new Tenant Engagement Strategy in December 2021.

The strategy was shaped was shaped by our customers, focuses on our priorities for the future and sets out how we will become a truly customer focused organisation. An organisation that actively listens to its customers, learns from the feedback we receive and involves them in designing, testing and scrutinising the services we provide. Only by doing this, will we be able to able to continually improve, offer value for money and transform the services we provide to ensure they meet the changing needs and aspirations of our customers.

You can view our new Tenant Engagement Strategy by clicking here.

You can also see what we have been up to in the last year and learn more about the work that is being done by the Customer Review Group, Tenants and Residents’ Associations and community groups.

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