10 Top Tips to save on energy costs

  1. Don’t block radiators with furniture, allow heat to circulate.
  2. Close curtains at dusk and put behind radiators to reduce draughts
  3. Turn appliances off, instead of standby mode, switch of charges when finished using.
  4. Dry your clothes on a drying line rather than use the dryer.
  5. Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree and turn down radiators in rooms not in use.
  6. Wash clothes at 20 or 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees, use full load and economy setting.
  7. Shower instead of having a bath or use less water in the bath. Take shorter showers than usual.
  8. Only boil the amount of water you need when boiling the kettle.
  9. Check if you can change the way you pay for your energy for discounts, contact your supplier.
  10. Visit Six Town Housing website for more advice.