Welcome to Tenant Top Tips on saving money and energy. 

Tip 1Employer/industry help 

A tenant in Whitefield suggests checking the websites of where you work or have retired from who offer local support. This may include bank workers, civil service, postal workers, agricultural workers, insurance workers, railway workers, mariners, newstrade. Please check their websites to see if there is any support available. A few examples are below.

The Mellor Fund - Turn2Us  - Giving financial support for living and medical costs to people who live in Radcliffe, Unsworth or Whitefield who are in ill-health, or are a carer for someone in ill-health. Grants are also available to people who live in the area and are in financial need.

The Fusilier Aid Society (FAS) | THE FUSILIERS – Providing support for serving and retired soldiers.

How we can help (railwaybenefitfund.org.uk) – Providing help and support to current and retired railway workers.

Tip 2Water meters

A Radcliffe tenant who moved to a 1-bedroom bungalow suggested switching to a smart water meter. Visit United Utilities apply for a meter to find out how to apply to switch to a water meter.

Tip 3 – Air Fryer/Slow cooker

A Prestwich Tenant suggests cooking with an Air Fryer or slow cooker. She said she uses her slow cooker daily for casseroles, stews, and cooking meat joints. Slow cookers use as little electricity as a light bulb set on low.

Tip 4 – Don’t peel vegetables

A Bury tenant said, “I don’t peel veg, I wash, slice or dice it and it tastes just as good and wastes none of the veg.”

Tip 5 – Check if you have a pension with an ex-employer

If you think you may have a pension with an ex-employer, you can find out here.

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