Rent and finance

Ways to pay

There are lots of options, including setting up direct debits or standing orders, using an automated payment line and paying online. Find out more about all of these here.

Struggling to make payments?

If you fall behind with your rent or are struggling to pay it on time, let us know. We are providing a service to help both tenants and those renting privately, where we can advise on the support available to help you apply for the benefits you are entitled to. We can assist you while you are making an online application for Universal Credit and answer any questions you have about the process. We can also refer people who are struggling financially to the Citizens Advice Bureau for further financial advice and guidance. Find out more here


Need help applying for Universal Credit?

If you or any friends or family need help with applying for Universal Credit, this easy online tutorial could be just what you need. You will learn what Universal Credit is, how to make your first claim online and what information you will need to do this. This is a free tutorial, just use our code 8005879 when registering on this webpage.

You can find useful information about Universal Credit on the Department of Work and Pensions website here. The Money Advice Service has also shared useful information, tips and guidance for those who may experience a drop in their income due to coronavirus here.

Reporting loan sharks

Please be aware that in the current climate there may be a rise in loan shark activity. Loan sharks take advantage of people who find themselves in a difficult financial position and the current situation means more may be at risk. Don't let them get their teeth stuck into your community, report them now. Find out more here.