The Government has said that it is now safe for us to carry out non-essential repairs in your home if you would like us to do so. We also need to continue to carry out essential appointments, such as annual gas checks, to keep you safe.

We would like to thank all tenants who recently responded to our survey, which asked how you feel about us returning to your homes to carry out repairs. We received 367 replies and 80% of these respondents said that they would currently book repairs with us and be happy for us to enter their home to carry these out. Many of the 20% who said that they would prefer us not to still offered practical advice and solutions to indicate what we could do to make them feel at ease if we did need to enter their home.

As a result of feedback we are going to follow out the following safety measures if you book a repair.  

• Our team will not visit a home where anyone is poorly, self-isolating or shielding unless the required repair puts them in immediate danger. We will ask you questions to see if this is the case before your appointment.

• Before we enter your home, we will assure you of the hygiene measures we will take to carry out the work as safely as possible. This includes cleaning work surfaces thoroughly after we have finished working and washing our hands regularly.

• We will also ask you to please keep at least 2 metres distance while we are working in your home. We'll tell you in advance which rooms we will need to access to help you social distance.

• Please do not be offended if we ask you to leave the immediate area while we work, as staff are not able to carry out work where social distancing is not possible. Some of our staff may also wear face coverings to further minimise risk. 

Please work in partnership with us while we carry out your repair, as we want everyone to feel safe and at ease, and let us know of any concerns or suggestions you may have when booking your appointment.