Meet: Fatmata Padjus

Fatmata Padjus, from Sierra Leone, was granted asylum after a 2 year period of moving across the UK. She moved into a home managed by Six Town Housing and signed up for Steps to Success (S2S) as she wanted to find employment.

Fatmata already had a lot of experience working as an Administrator before she moved to the UK and wanted to find a similar job. S2S helped boost Fatmata’s interview techniques though coaching and supported her with an application form for a vacancy at Red Bank Retirement Living Scheme in Radcliffe. Following a successful interview, Fatmata was awarded a 6 month position as an Administrator.

She has already demonstrated that she can use her own initiative and go above and beyond in her role. Fatmata is also completing Maths and English GCSEs as she wants to attend university in future.

Fatmata said, “I thought it would take a long time to get back into work because of having to move home, but it was straightforward with support from Steps to Success. It has given me my life back.”


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