Meet: Kelly Dickinson

Kelly Dickinson from Bury has picked up a new job after volunteering in Six Town Housing’s admin team, which is helping take care of her daughter.

Kelly decided she wanted to work in administration and completed a course at Bury College through Steps To Success.

To gain experience, Kelly accessed a four week unpaid work placement through Six Town Housing, and was successful in securing a job in the team when one became available.

Kelly has never gained employment from an interview due to her nerves. She completed extensive interview preparation to help her to feel confident, so she could effectively pitch her skills to employers.

Following working with us she completed a brilliant interview, using all the skills she learned to help her manage her nerves and answer the questions effectively.

Kelly said, “I heard about Steps To Success through one of Six Town Housing’s Roadshows. They helped me get back into work by assisting me with my interview preparation. I accessed a placement in October and by November I had gained full time employment. Steps To Success has improved my quality of life because now I have money to do activities with my daughter”

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