Meet: Mark Horton

Mark Horton acquired a job at Fairfield Hospital as a cleaner with G4S, who are their cleaning contractor, after receiving support through Steps To Success (S2S).

As a Rapid Response Cleaner his job is to respond to emergencies when needed. These could include anything from spilt coffee through to dangerous materials. Mark is trained in “fogging” which means he is able to clean rooms that may have contained contagious infections using a process that disinfects the whole room.

Mark’s wife is also a cleaner who got the same cleaning job at Fairfield Hospital through S2S. S2S helped them find jobs that were beneficial as it meant they could work alternate shifts. This enables them to share childcare between them.

Mark said, “S2S were very helpful. They made sure that our jobs work around our childcare, making it easier for my wife and the children”.


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