Meet: Michelle Hilton

Michelle Hilton from Bury has picked up a new job as a cleaner at Fairfield Hospital through G4S, who are their cleaning contactor, by receiving support through Steps To Success (S2S).

Michelle is part of a team and her role is a secondary cleaner. This means her main job is to clean a room or a bay a second time to prevent the risk of infections spreading.

Before Michelle got the role she applied for several positions without luck due to lacking confidence in interviews and finding the application process difficult.

Michelle first heard about S2S at her local Tenant and Resident Association (TRA) at Chesham Fold. Staff from S2S were able to help Michelle with the things she struggled with

S2S helped Michelle on a one to one basis with interview techniques and helped her develop application form filling skills in a group session.

Michelle said “S2S supported me with my application forms and gave me the confidence to come into an interview environment, be myself and not stammer when talking in interviews.”

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