Welcome to our Customer Feedback Page. From April 2023, we will be updating this page with information on how we are performing and other feedback.

Customer Service Standards 

Customer Service Standards are developed by our Customer Review Group and reviewed each year. They cover the standard of service that you can expect from Six Town Housing Staff. We will publish the revised standards soon and they will be listed below.

Monthly Tenant Scorecard

Tenant Scorecards are developed by our Customer Review Group and include complaints, compliments, day-to-day satisfaction with service provided and compliance with all matters around your home safety. Our Monthly Tenant Scorecards will be listed below.

July 2023 Tenant Scorecard

August 2023 Tenant Scorecard

Six Monthly

Here we will be publishing headlines related to Tenant Perception of our services survey results and what we’ve learnt from complaints and customer satisfaction.

Annually - Six Town Housing Annual Report

Each year, our annual report will be listed here. This is published in partnership with our Customer Review Group and includes the information that you want to receive.

Six Town Housing's Annual Report for 2021/2022 is now available as a PDF document or an A3 poster.

You can download the PDF Annual Report design here or download the A3 poster here.

You can also download the Springs Annual Report here

If you'd like to request printed copies, you can contact us here.