Our Customer Review Group (CRG) is made up of tenants who meet regularly with Six Town Housing management to review performance and make improvement recommendations through scrutinising parts of the business. Their findings are presented to Six Town Housing's Board.

There are 12 places available for tenants and the group has a chair who is elected annually.

The active CRG chair is Helena Donegan.

What do they do?

The CRG examines all parts of our business and finds way to improve them. Members take part in a range of activities; from conducting tenant surveys to job shadowing, interviewing staff and visiting tenants. There is never a dull moment for the CRG and they ensure your recommendations are listened to and acted upon, right across the business.

Service areas that have been reviewed include:

Gas servicing | Gas repairs service | Gas replacement programme | Anti-social behaviour | A review of over 150 documents that we regularly issue to tenants | Damp and Condensation.  

Our Group has been nationally recognised for its work and won various awards for the reviews they have conducted and the changes made as a result of their recommendations. 

If you are interested in becoming a CRG member email Carran O'Grady via c.ogrady@sixtownhousing.org or call 0161 686 8000.


Here you can view what the Customer Review Group have been up to and what they have planned for the future. Click on the links below to what the group are working on. 

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