High Level Involvement

Armchair Groups 

Armchair groups are ideal for tenants and leaseholders who may want to take part in a piece of work from home such as a survey or reviewing a leaflet. An example of how the work of Armchair groups have improved services is recent survey feedback on the views on our gas services. All views were reported and were part of a major customer gas improvement report accepted by the board. 

Armchair groups are valuable and we, where possible, run prize draws and provide feedback about the difference your comments have made.


We now run a number of surveys throughout Six Town Housing. When you receive a service from us you will be invited to tell us how you rated that service either online, by freepost or occasionally by phone.

All comments and suggested improvements are taken seriously.

Editorial Group

We like to involve customers in the design and production of our newsletters, annual report and other publications. The group meets 4 times a year.

Website Development Group

This virtual group was set up to test and develop our online presence. As the website develops we will contact members regularly to test new features before they go live. We will listen to feedback about the website to make it easier to use and ensure it includes the information and features that you find useful. If you visit our website often and think of a way it could improve, email communication@sixtownhousing.org and we’ll add you to the Website Group.

Tenant Inspectors 

Our inspectors carry out our Mystery Shopping exercises. Inspectors test a service and tell us what’s good, bad and ugly about it, suggesting ways we could make further improvements. A plan of action is then agreed to help us make things better.

Tenant Inspectors have tested all kinds of public facing service areas at Six Town Housing, including our call centre, reception and how we handle complaints.

Tests can range from carrying out an inspection at our office, to a neighbourhood walkabout to how we correspond with customers. We know that inspectors will have a preference to being based in the office or outdoors, so we plan a minimum of three inspections each year that involve desk based and walkabout type inspections.

Mystery shops have resulted in big improvements to the way that we do things; including improvements to our call centre, so that most calls are now answered within 20 seconds, and improvements to our repairs service so it offers booked appointments in the morning or afternoon.

Mid Level Involvement

Energy Champions

Our Energy Champions are tenants trained up to understand energy efficiency, fuel poverty, affects on health and how to identify who is at risk. As we live in the age of high fuel cost we want to help tenants understand the importance of heating controls and give tips and advice on energy efficiency. We want to help you understand your fuel bills, whether you should switch your supplier or not, and how you can reduce condensation. Our Energy Champions will become your local champions who neighbours can get reliable tips and advice from.

We plan courses on demand so contact us to register your interest.

Low Level Involvement

Annual Tenant Roadshow

Our annual summer roadshows help you gain support and advice, so you can improve your "health" and your "wealth". At the same time, we provide free activities and entertainment for families. Keep an eye out during summer for information on our events webpage, on social media and in our newsletter.

Community Star Awards

Our most popular annual event is our Community Star Awards. Staff and tenants can nominate unsung heroes volunteering in the community that make a difference to everyday living, from Inspirational Individuals to Young Rising Stars. Year on year this event has grown to near standing room only. Watch out for information on our events webpage, on social media and in our newsletter.