What’s the deal?

This guide sets out the service you can expect to receive from us when you give us feedback or if you decide to get involved. It describes what we do, the standards of service you can expect and how we will check we are meeting them. It also sets out the things we expect you to do to help us ensure the services we provide are great and that together, we are the best team in town.

Your involvement and feedback is really important to us. It helps inform the decisions we make and ensures the services we provide meet your needs. It also enables you to hold us to account and scrutinise the things we do to ensure we remain customer focused and achieve value for money. Full details on our approach can be found in our Tenant Engagement Strategy. Click here for more information.

Our responsibilities

We will:

  • Let you know how you can get involved and ensure this information is easily accessible and clear;
  • Offer you a wide range of ways to get involved, monitor standards and help us shape the services we provide;
  • Ensure you are supported if you choose to get involved or need help developing new skills so you can become more involved; 
  • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to get involved, can influence the way we do things and benefits from the services we provide;
  • Listen to you and take your views into account whenever we can;
  • Consult you on any changes that we wish to make that directly affect you;
  • Keep you up to date on what we are doing and how we are performing; and
  • Ensure you are given feedback on the impact of your involvement.


What we expect in return

Your responsibilities:

  • Get involved, share your ideas and influence the decisions we make;
  • Tell us your views about the service.

Measuring success

We will know if we are getting things right by measuring

  • Monitoring and reporting our performance against our agreed performance measures; and
  • Asking you how happy you are with the service we have provided.

We will report our performance against these standards in our annual report to tenants. Regular updates will also be provided to our Customer Review Group, who are responsible for reviewing how well we are doing and offering constructive challenge.

Performance measure


% of tenants satisfied with the overall service provided


Overall satisfaction with the opportunities to get involved


% of tenants that are satisfied we keep them informed about the services we provide and the decisions we make


% of tenants that find it easy to share their views with us


% of tenants that feel that we listen and act upon their comments they make