What’s the deal?

Repairs Direct staff member plastering a wall

This guide sets out the service you can expect to receive from us when you request a repair in your home. It describes what we do, the standards of service you can expect and how we will check we are meeting them.  It also sets out the things we expect you to do to help us ensure your home remains well maintained, secure and safe.

We are responsible for most of the repairs in your home, as set out in your tenancy agreement. We will maintain the structure and the outside of your property and the fixtures and fittings inside your home. We also make sure that the gas, electricity and water are safely provided. 

Our responsibilities

We will:

  • Provide you with a number of ways to report your repairs, including offering an out of hours emergency service;
  • Advise you if the repair is your responsibility or if you will be charged for the work;
  • Complete jobs classified as an emergency within 24 hours. You will be offered an appointment for all other work and we aim to fix the repair in a single visit whenever we can. 
  • Remind you of your appointment by text.
  • Leave a calling card if you are not home at the time of the visit. If you are not at home, your repair will be cancelled until you contact us again or unless it is an essential or emergency repair;
  • Take appropriate action against you if you do not allow us access to complete the annual gas safety check or other essential repairs. You will be charged for any costs that are incurred; and
  • Test any hard wired smoke alarm fitted to your home by us every 10 years, as part of our periodic planned electrical testing.

What we expect in return

Your responsibilities:

  • Carry out any repairs that you are responsible for;
  • Look after your home and not cause or allow any damage to be caused;
  • Put right any damage that is caused to your home by your family, visitors or pets;
  • Report repairs promptly and allow us access to your home to undertake any necessary work;
  • Get our written permission to carry out improvements to your home or communal areas which may affect the structure or fixtures and fittings maintained by us;
  • Provide us with sufficient information so that we can correctly prioritise your repair;
  • Ensure you keep your agreed appointment. Let us know as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before, if you are not going to be able to keep your appointment;
  • Provide us with your correct up to date contact details;
  • Ensure your home is safe and smoke free for us to work in. Pets should be kept safe and children under 18 should not be left alone in the house; and
  • Move any furniture or personal items to ensure the item that needs repairing or checking is accessible.

Measuring success

We will know if we are getting things right by:

  • Monitoring and reporting our performance against our agreed performance measures; and
  • Asking you how happy you are with the service we have provided.

We will report our performance against these standards in our annual report to tenants. Regular updates will also be provided to our Customer Review Group, who are responsible for reviewing how well we are doing and offering constructive challenge.

Performance measures


Customer satisfaction with repairs


% of repairs completed right first time