In this section you can find out about different ways you can be involved with Six Town Housing to help improve services and your communities. You might be able to access free training and your ideas could have a major impact on your neighbourhood. Click the buttons above to find out more about different groups, or download our guide on how to 'Get Involved' here

You can find out more about the service you can expect to receive from us when you give us feedback or if you decide to get involved here.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to get involved...

  • You may think that there are particular issues which are not being addressed in your home or neighbourhood.
  • You might want to get together with other local people to improve your area.
  • You might want to be updated with what's going on locally.
  • You could benefit your community by addressing issues of concern, improving the appearance and making it a better place to live.
  • You could organise activities in your community and get back some community spirit.
  • You could develop your skills and confidence.
  • You may receive a gift incentive if you give us your views.