From 1 February 2024, Bury Council is responsible for managing and maintaining all council homes previously supported by Six Town Housing.
Please use this website and other contact points as usual. Further information is also available on the council’s website.
Find out more here: Six Town Housing Update

iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award)

iDEA helps you to develop digital, enterprise and employability skills. This is a learning approach that aspires to be a digital and enterprise equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award and is not about sitting in a classroom. These are bitesize online courses and awards can be added to your CV to show an employer your digital achievements or you can just dip in and out and look at topics which interest you.

When you complete a course, you earn a ‘badge’. Here are some of the badges you can earn:

  • Gamer Badges – Game Designer, Intro to Gaming, Make a Game.
  • Entrepreneur Badges – Influencer, Advertising, Social Media in Business, The Art of Selling
  • Maker Badges – Animation, Graphic Design, Gif Making, Video Editing
  • Worker Badges – Interviews, Design Psychology, Random Coding, Digital Portfolios
  • Citizen Badges – Social Media Ethics, E-Safety, Data Play, Personal Statement

Find out more about what you can learn by signing up here.

Everyone who lives in Bury who takes part can get a head start with the Digital Bury badge. When you have signed up choose the option that says  ‘have a badge code’ and enter the code BURYGOODiDEA

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